Trigger links can be built in the system so that when a lead/customer clicks on a particular link, a specified action happens. There are multiple ways to use trigger links, most commonly in campaigns, emails, funnels, and websites.

Step 1: Creating Trigger Links

  • Navigate to Trigger Links
  • Click “Add Link” 

  • Fill out the information in the popup- choose a name for your Trigger Link, and include the link URL you want people to be directed to when they click on the link.

Step 2: Creating Triggers using Trigger Links

  • Navigate to Triggers and create a new trigger using “+Add Trigger”.
  • Set the action to: Trigger Link Clicked
  • Define the filters as Trigger Link, and specify which trigger link you want this action applied for. (In the example below we’re using the video trigger link to tag contacts with the “Watched Video A” tag to track video views.)
  • Choose the action to be performed, such as adding a contact tag, adding the person to a campaign, or sending a notification to yourself.

  • Save and activate your trigger.

Step 3: Using Trigger Links.

  • To add to a campaign, navigate to Campaigns and choose an existing one, or create a new one.
  • Click into an email event, and add the text where you’d like to insert a trigger link.

  • Highlight the text and click the link icon. In the popup window, choose the Link from your “Link List” of created trigger links. Click OK.
  • Save to confirm your changes.
  • You can repeat this process within a one-off or bulk-action email as well.