Push notifications on Triggers allow you to send an alert to yourself or your Lead when someone is added to a Campaign. You can set a custom message that will be sent along with this notification.

Step 1: Setting Up Trigger

  • Navigate to the Triggers section.
  • You can select an existing Trigger, or click to Add New Trigger.
  • Fill out Part 1 "What should trigger this rule?"
    • Choose "Added to Campaign". You can further filter to a specific campaign if you want the notification to only apply to a specific campaign. If you don't further filter it, the action will apply for all campaigns.
  • Fill out Part 2 "What actions should we perform?"
  • Choose Send Notification. Fill out the form appropriately. Type in the message you wish to use.
  • Save.
  • Activate the trigger.

NOTE: you can use various actions for Part 1 to completely customize this trigger, such as "customer replied". The example above showing how to use notifications when a contact is added to a campaign is one of the most common ways this feature is used.