You can upload any image to the Graphics Library which is found in the Funnel Builder. This allows you to regularly access and utilize the same image (e.g logo) over and over again without having to re-upload the image. It also allows you to easily place new images in funnels or websites.

Step 1: Save an image file to your computer in a folder/location where you can easily access it.

Step 2: Access the Funnel Builder

  • Navigate to Funnels
  • Choose a Funnel and Edit a Funnel Step.
  • Add an Image element to the funnel page using the drag and drop features.
  • Click on the “Image Library” Icon.

Step 2: Choose or Upload an Image.

You can browse through your library of images, search for options to add from the system, or upload your own images from your device.

  • To Upload an Image, click on the Upload Button in the Top Right.
  • To Select an Image, hover over the image you wish to use and click on the Check Mark to select it.

Step 3: To get the URL the image is hosted at, add the image to your funnel.

  • Select the image, and copy the URL under Image in the Element Settings