What is a Dedicated email-sending domain?

A dedicated sending domain allows you to send emails that appear to be coming from your brand, and this can help you maintain a better reputation with email services. Any company can create a dedicated sending domain, and it's quick and easy.

By default, all emails sent from our platform will show the name of our email-sending servers in the "sent on behalf of" or "sent via" email headers:

When you set up your own custom mail server domain, you will see a different "mailed-by", "sent on behalf", or "sent via" field.

How to create a dedicated sending domain?

You can create multiple sending domains under your account and make one active.

  1. Navigate to Settings - >  Email settings - >  Email Services
  2. If you are in the new LC email system, you can find the Dedicated domain button, if you receive an error message stating you are not able to use LC email yet please email support@appointmatic.app
  3. Click the Dedicated domain button

  4. Add domain Details

  5. Verify Domain
    Apply your new DNS records to your company’s DNS provider’s platform to activate the sending domain. Every domain host will have a slightly different method of doing this.

Here are instructions for common providers:

You can leave TTL to the default value.

Note: that it can take from a few minutes to 24 hours