The Manual Call Event creates a queue so someone logs into the system, they can view a call list and utilize the call function to call through that list.

Step  1: Create a Manual Call Campaign

  • Create a new campaign, or go into an existing campaign. Click "Add Event" and choose 'Manual Call". 

  • Activate the campaign.

Step 2: How to Test the Manual Call Campaign

  • Create a test contact record using your own information (or navigate to your existing test contact record).
  • Add this test contact to the campaign.
  • Navigate to Contacts > Manual Actions. Click "Let's Start" in the top right corner of the screen. The system will make a call (to your test contact). 

  • Since the call will be coming from a browser you may need to click “allow microphone” to activate the permissions on your computer. After the call is complete, you can select the outcome of the call as shown below:

Step 3: Using the Manual Call Campaign

  • Now that you've successfully tested the manual call campaign with yourself, you can add contacts to this campaign. This can be done through a tag, trigger, or the Bulk Actions listed in your Contact section.

Note: If you have a large list and want to pause, you can click on the “Let’s Start” button and it will pause the sequence (there’s a 5 second rundown before the next call comes in).