Appointment confirmation and reminder campaigns can be used to confirm appointments and nurture the leads with reminders up until the appointment time.

Step 1: Create the Appointment Confirmation Campaign

  • Navigate to Campaigns and create a campaign. 
  • If you want a Confirmation Step to occur (which is optional), add in an email/SMS/messenger event with language confirming the appointment. Have this event send out immediately.

  • Then, create the subsequent event(s), which would be your reminder(s). You’ll need to use the “before” setting so the event(s) will automatically work off of the appointment time and will send exactly X hours/days/minutes before the appointment.
    • For example, you set up an email to send 48 hours before, and it will send 48 hours before the scheduled appointment time. You can do this for both SMS and email reminders within the same campaign and using the same type of set-up. (It is common to do both an email and SMS reminder.)
  • To ensure that a lead continues to get reminders, even if they reply to the  campaign, ensure that you toggle off the “Stop on response” in Campaign Configuration.
    • This is necessary for a reminder campaign because even if a lead responds to confirm the appointment, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will want to stop sending them the subsequent reminders.

  • Once you’re done, make sure the campaign is published. 

NOTE:  If you need to add a one-off lead to the confirmation and reminder campaign, you can do that in the Conversations section or in the Contacts section. Ensure that the appointment is booked before adding them to the campaign. Click the +Add icon to add the campaign.