Within the Workflow Builder you can have one or multiple triggers to fire off the workflow’s series of actions. Below is a complete list of workflow trigger options:

Standard Triggers

Appointment: runs on all appointment status updates

Birthday reminder: runs on customer’s birthday (if in their Contact Record) 

Call Status: Runs on outbound and inbound calls

Contact Changed: Runs when a contact data is updated

Contact DND: runs when a contact’s DND flag is updated

Contact Tag: runs when tags are added or removed

Custom Date Reminder: runs on a custom date

Customer Booked Appointment: the customer booked an appointment themselves

Customer Replied: a contact responded to the workflow

Email Events: runs on specific email events

Form Submitted: runs when a form is submitted

Note Added: runs when a note is added to the contact

Opportunity Status Changed: runs when the opportunity status is changed

Pipeline Stage Changed: runs when the pipeline stage is updated for the opportunity

Stale Opportunities: runs when opportunities are older than a set time duration

Survey Submitted: runs when a survey is submitted

Task Added: runs when a task is added for the contact

Task Reminder: reminds that the task is due

Trigger Link Clicked: runs when a trigger link is clicked

Twilio Validation Error: runs based on the Twilio Lookup response before sending an SMS or making a call. (Number Validation must be enabled in order for this feature to work.)

Two Step Order: two step order form is submitted

Membership Triggers

Category Completed: runs when a category of specified product gets completed

Membership New Signup: a customer.lead subscribed for a membership

Offer Access Granted: runs when access to offer is granted

Offer Access Removed:runs when access to offer is removed

Product Access Granted: runs when access to product is granted

Product Access Removed: runs when access to product is removed Product Completed: runs when product is completed

User Login: runs when user logs in to membership

NOTE: Many triggers include filter options which allow you to further specify the actions. For example, if you want the workflow trigger to run any time any form is submitted, you can keep the generic “Form Submitted” trigger, as shown below:

Or, if you want the workflow to only apply for a specific form, you can click “Add Filters” and choose the exact form you want the trigger to apply to: